Anchor Properties, LLC
7120 W Good Hope Rd
Milwaukee, WI 53223
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= Rent is half-off for rent specials during the first full month.
= Rent is FREE for double rent specials during the first full month.

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Duplexes & Apartments
We offer housing all over the North and Northwest sides of Milwaukee. We specialize in duplexes, townhouses, and single family homes.

If you see a property you like, give us a call or send us an email:

Office: 414-763-9997
Fax: 414-763-4703
Helen: 414-915-2997
Andria: 414-460-2154
Sarah: 414-803-2254

You can print an application and bring it to our office with ID and proof of income for a quick approval. You could be approved in minutes!
Maintenance department:

For payment enquiries please call our office and ask for Frank (414-763-9997) or send an email to: