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7120 W Good Hope Rd
Milwaukee, WI 53223
We have 4 properties available for rent!

= Rent is half-off for rent specials during the first full month.
= Rent is FREE for double rent specials during the first full month.

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Duplexes & Apartments

IMPORTANT: Wisconsin's New Rental Assistance Program

Wisconsin's new rental assistance program is offering up to $3000 to cover rent and security deposit costs during the COVID-19 pandemic.

More information here:
Social Development Commission
Phone: (414) 326-2888

If you need further assistance, please call our office and ask for Frank (414-763-9997).

Please send any Community Advocates or SDC WRAP documents to
We offer housing all over the North and Northwest sides of Milwaukee. We specialize in duplexes, townhouses, and single family homes.

If you see a property you like, give us a call or send us an email:

Office: 414-763-9997
Fax: 414-763-4703
Helen: 414-915-2997
Andria: 414-460-2154
Sarah: 414-803-2254

You can print an application and bring it to our office with ID and proof of income for a quick approval. You could be approved in minutes!

Maintenance department:

7120 W Good Hope Rd Milwaukee, WI 53223